By Farr Farrside Pinot Noir - Bannockburn, Geelong

Vintage: 2015 Region: Victoria
Type: Reds
Winery: Farr
Tasting Notes:

Each vintage of Farrside pinot noir exhibits more masculinity, structure and savoury components, while deep meaty, spicy and mineral flavours also continue to evolve. A balanced array of red and black fruits, Farrside pinot noir is fresh and edgy with bucketloads of character. This is a firm yet delicate wine with a long-textured finish.

$75.00as part of any six
$85.00single bottle

Just delicious with spicy lamb kofta.

By Farr wines are produced from only estate grown fruit. Each of the wines are from single vineyards. The Chardonnay, Viognier and Shiraz were planted on the house block in 1994 to a range of French clones and rootstocks. The soil type of the house block is rich, friable red loam over limestone and north facing. We believe that the soil characteristics undoubtly show through on these wines.

The three single vineyard By Farr Pinot Noirs are planted on different soil types and aspects.

Sangreal in planted on the house block to 114 and 115 clones running north south, therefore exposed to maximum sunlight from east to west. The red soils exhibit more perfume and silkiness.

Farrside was planted in 2001, to 114, 115, 113, 667, 777 and MV6 clones on the black volcanic soils over limestone. It is a north east facing slope, with the vines orientation running east-west so that the fruit is more protected from the sunlight. This vineyard is producing wines of greater structure, tannin and savouriness. The black soils of Farrside produce a more masculine wine, where as Sangreal on the red soils is more focused, elegant and feminine.

Tout Pres is our very special and intriguing site. Over only 2.5 acres, it has three individual soil types, across a three sided cirque (an amphitheatre like valley head) that rises above the other vineyards. Each slope consists of a soil type. The largest slope is black volcanic soil of limestone, the second is quartz gravel mixed with red ironstone soil and the third, an iron strand in grey sandy loam. The clones that will acclimatise and mutate over time are currently 113, 114, 115, 667, 777 and MV6 in this vineyard to become the Tout Pres clone.

Tout Pres is the most densely planted vineyard on the estate, hence its name "very cosy" at 8000 vines / ha. The land is a challenge to farm, but well worth the effort. The soils and competition between the vines force the vines to work hard and not unexpectedly this leads to excellence. The fruit is lush but masculine provides the coveted structure found only in the most age-worthy wines.

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$75.00as part of any six
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$75.00as part of any six
$85.00single bottle
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