Ochota Barrels a sense of compression the taras : mjkeenan collaboration - Adelaide Hills

Vintage: 2013 Region: South Australia
Type: Reds
Winery: Ochota Barrels
Tasting Notes:

As far as wine projects go, this is at the pointy end of exciting.

Winemaker and rock star extraordinaire MJ Keenan (Tool, Pucifer) and Ochota barrels winemaker and music lover Taras, have joined forces to create a wine of immense personality.  There is a backstory of course, which involves a mutual love of music and a shared philosophy of less is more, low intervention winemaking which gave birth to this project.  

At its core, a belief in less winemaking tricks and wines that maintain and celebrate a coiled tightness... A sense of compression..

"The wine itself is rugged and plush, rippling with dark briary fruit character and showing immense concentration in the core of the wine but with flighty acidity freshening, and sheets of flat, earthy tannins lending structure and building into a light pucker in the finish. There’s a jangly feel to the wine but it’s immensely satisfying, at once bold and yet super drinkable, a return to glass feel if there ever was one. It tastes like it will cellar fantastically and mellow into something broody and more savoury. For now, a hand on the old school richness and density of past, while showing lively and fleeting in some of the finer detail. Opens superbly with time." -
Mike Bennie The Wine Front.

Limited in supply, a fleeting chance to grab something special.

$99.00as part of any six
$110.00single bottle

Cured meats, hand crafted of course, with a great album playing in the background.

In the past 15 years I have worked in many parts of the world with many great winemakers who have in some way influenced our wine style.

Whether it be the suave chain smoking white suited Italian, the obsessive compulsive tech-savvy Australian, the sex mad country and western listening Californian, or the French oenologist who thought that bright green three-quarter pants, a pink collar up shirt with a lemon vest was ‘très à la mode’ to see punk band, The Dead Kennedy’s.

These are just a few of the equally appreciated, super creative, (sometimes bordering on psychotic) grape growing and winemaking lunatics that have shared their knowledge, experience, heritage, houses, couches, tractors, cars, wineries, equipment and often many a cocktail from the esky. It is from this smorgasbord of collective experience that we have picked the eyes out to craft the ochota barrels wines.

We are strongly drawn to and influenced by the small biodynamic producers we came across in the south of France. Texture is a zealous focus, manipulating mouth-feel with extended time on skins and batonnage. Beautifully sculptured old bush vines with low yields and small berries, picked basically when you can’t stop eating them because they taste so delicious. There are no instruments in sight on those dawn vineyard sampling walks, and if the stalks are sweet, whole bunches are included in our half tonne ferments.

Careful temperature control with gentle hand plunging retains purity of fruit, whereby the wild indigenous yeast enhances complexity and artisan charm. However, an Occam’s Razor approach is still taken, as the expression of the vineyard site is paramount.

Seasoned French oak is used for the Grenache where the Shiraz benefits from a little new. Bottling decisions are not made for a set release date or for replenishing sold out allocations, but as in every step of our craft, it is by taste, texture and emotion. Each bottle is unfined, unfiltered, hand labeled, hand numbered and hand packaged. Very handy indeed.

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$99.00as part of any six
$110.00single bottle
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